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con·​se·​cra·​tion: the state of being declared sacred or set apart

Giving a voice to the voiceless. A significant portion of all proceeds from our hard work and dedication in offering great wines helps fund charities focused on helping the extreme poor, widows, orphans, and human trafficking victims.

Consecration Wine LLC, with 30 years of experience in the wine industry, exists for the express purpose of over-delivering on quality vs. price. Let’s face it, we know the last thing you need is ANOTHER $100+ Napa bottle of wine. Our unique négociant model allows us to consistently offer our clientele fantastic wines at affordable prices…time and time again.

Currently, we offer 2 brands of wine with an exciting 3rd brand on the way. Cufflinks, our flagship brand, is the embodiment of elegance at a price you won’t find anywhere else. Warrior Angel, our first brand to market, gravitates towards beautiful Bourdeaux-style red blends and Old World-style wine.

Our wine production process sets us apart and produces wines that the most discerning pallet will enjoy time and time again. It is our hope you will join us and become part of our family for years to come.

“Omgg we had it last night…amazing. We decanted…and was layer and layer of flavor. In the end we found heaven. Excellent.”

Gloria Jordan, Owner/Chef

La Trattoria Cafe Napoli

2014 Warrior Angel is a very versatile wine that pairs very well with pork, veal, duck, pheasant and turkey.
It’s a medium bodied wine with intense red fruit aromas and subtle spice notes. Cinnamon and dried black figs aromas mix with the notions of caramel.  Subtle floral notes linger as well.
It is a fresh clean lively wine.  Red cherry, red currant and cranberry notes jump forward. The wine has bright acidity and tannins are medium and soft.
Overall, this wine is well- balanced, acidity intermingling with the fresh fruit flavors.  The finish is clean and lingering– an elegant finesse driven wine.

Anani Lawson, Sommelier

I was not about to let 2018 pass without popping the sample you gave me of Cufflinks 2013. Many thanks for this, our family shared it with close family friends, who happen to be vegetarian and I opened it (after the Feuillatte Palmes d’Or Rose 06 paired with arugula salad) and it worked lovely with a super-rich French Onion Soup- I know.. not the most obvious choice but it paired super well. The wine was awesome and a delight to drink – it went down quite fast and we were sad when we could begin seeing the punt through the glass.
It certainly had a cool centrist-style to it – Broad-shouldered and expressive, unavoidable in that Napa terroir, but with a savory-sweet-earth balance to it, even a mannerism that harkened back to an old-world sensibility with plenty of class instead of overt, brutish power. Like Howell Mtn playing a piece from Rachmaninoff instead of Rage Against the Machine.
I did notice the commencement of minor hints tertiary notes developing – but that contributed to the wine’s enjoyment, not detriment; adding to the length and complexity while the fruit softened and integrated with the structure. Quite seamless, Hunter. A treat. Thank you for sharing this wine with me, and glad I ran into you at Oxbow.
Here’s to a great New Years!

Martin Reyes, Master of Wine

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